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, / The Case for Action: It's Time to Get Serious about Information Risk Management

Picture this. You’re blindfolded. Walking on a frayed tightrope above a choppy ocean. The water is filled with hungry sharks, mouths open with rows of sharp teeth just waiting for you to lose your footing. The wind is blowing sideways as rain pelts you and lightening strikes all around. Oh, and you are carrying a large boulder as you wobble ahead.

Is your organization walking the tightrope, or living in fear?

While there are some within the healthcare space that are walking along the tightrope oblivious to the danger that awaits, most are gripped with fear. Medical ID theft, cyber attacks and missteps by employees (both intentional and unintentional) place their sensitive data in constant jeopardy. Neither is a healthy response.

Your organization is wrestling with new and emerging threats, enhanced obligations to protect sensitive information, intensifying scrutiny and increased enforcement from federal and state agencies. In the 360 degree, risk-filled reality of today’s environment, how is your organization responding?

Historically, risk has been regarded solely as a negative concept (i.e., something bad may happen) that organizations typically tried to ignore, avoid or transfer to others. Increasingly, information risk is recognized as a fact of life that must be “owned” and dealt with based on informed decision-making.

If we understand this risk and how it is caused and influenced, we can change its composition so that we are more likely to achieve our organization’s objectives – maybe even faster, better, cheaper and with improved outcomes. Understanding risk and taking action to change its composition is called “risk response.” Good risk response and overall risk management can occur only when organizations recognize that risk management is an important business process that requires our ongoing attention.

While all industries have, or are, undergoing enormous change due to market, technology, regulatory and other variables, nowhere are these changes more significant and sweeping than in healthcare. That’s precisely why information risk management should be at the top of your priority list.

While we have long been concerned with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, we have entered an unprecedented era of cyber security where attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated with every passing day. The simple truth is that as information risks are growing faster than our ability to manage them.

For many, if not most organizations, information risk management is little more than ‘arts and crafts’ executed at a very basic level. Far too few organizations take a science and engineering-based approach to comprehensively manage their risks. That is a recipe for missed opportunities and adverse events.

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Tre'Davious White was the fifth cornerback selected in the 2017 draft, after Ohio State's Marshon Lattimore, Alabama's Marlon Humphrey, USC's Adoree' Jackson and Ohio State's Gareon Conley. Outside of Lattimore, it's impossible to argue that any rookie corner was more consistently effective than White in 2017.

Taken 27thoverall out of LSU, White stepped right into the Buffalo Bills' starting cornerback role and showed impressive technique, aggressiveness and resilience. The turning point might have come in a win over the Denver Broncos in Week 3, when quarterback Trevor Siemian targeted White unmercifully with Small Leather Goods Belts The 2nd Skin Co Z6dcidX8AZ
and Emmanuel Sanders as his targets.

White was bedeviled by route combinations and deep passes through the game, but he ended his day decisively by crossing in front of receiver Bennie Fowler for a fourth-quarter interception.

As the season went on, White tallied three more picks, and he finished with 18 passes defensed, allowing just 50.6 of the passes in his coverage area to be completed, per Mens RoaringTigerAppliqu b6wvfK
. His rookie season was all the more impressive given that he was replacing veteran Ronald Darby, whom Buffalo traded before the start of the campaign. White had to hit the ground running with offensive concepts he'd never seen before.

He should be one of the best young cornerbacks in the game through the 2018 season and beyond.

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If there's a young player ready to inherit the title of the next Richard Sherman,it's Jalen Ramsey.

He has the size, athleticism, mentality and physicality to have a similar career arc to the former "Legion of Boom" pointman.

Ramsey plays bigger than his 6'1", 208-pound frame because he seeks to establish physical dominance on every play. He doesn't just want to cover receivers—he wants to eliminate them by any means necessary. Occasionally, he goes over the line and racks up penalties. But it mostly means that if you repeatedly throw the ball in Ramsey's area, your receivers are going to feel it the next morning.

Ramsey isn't just a mugger on the field—he's also a technician at outside cornerback, which is impressive for a two-year NFL veteran who played more safety and hybrid cornerback than boundary defender at Florida State. The Jags saw Ramsey as their ideal physical outside cornerback, and for the most part, he's lived up to that. He allowed no more than 25 receiving yards in eight games last season, per Cashmere Silk Scarf Gardenia by VIDA VIDA C8fXxb

Once Ramsey corrals the occasional rogue elements of his physical style, he'll be a lockdown guy every week, and the toughest matchup for any receiver in the league.

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While most shutdown cornerbacks have a short shelf life due to the demands of the position, there are exceptions to every rule.

Aqib Talib, who's coming into his 11thNFL season, can still bring it against receivers who were in grade school when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took him in the first round of the 2008 draft.

Hi, I'm Casey Winters. I advise and consult with startups on how to scale and sustainably grow their businesses.

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As someone who has had a lot of success using SEO as a tactic to grow companies (for, Grubhub, and Pinterest it was the dominant channel for new users), I get asked a lot of questions about SEO as a strategy today. Statement Clutch THIS WAY by VIDA VIDA DAb9JNZDW
states that all acquisition channels have a shelf life and decay over time. SEO has had by far the longest shelf life of any major internet channel. It has been a stable platform (unlike Facebook), it consistently grew itself, and it was supported by a very strong business model that could drive revenue growth for Google for well over a decade, so Google didn’t need to monetize all of the free traffic they distributed to other companies. Perhaps a more elegant way of explaining this is that since organic search exists to serve user needs, not advertiser needs, it was a more sustainable acquisition channel, precisely because it was not built to be a channel. People never wanted ads, more email, etc. like other acquisition channels. On Google organic search, people do want answers.

It’s this last statement remaining true amidst a platform shift to mobile that will mark the inevitable decline of SEO as a channel for user acquisition. Ben Thompson declared Cashmere Silk Scarf mirror me by VIDA VIDA aNwf0MRrS
a few years ago as a company. Why he was wrong then is why I am right today by declaring we are now past Peak Google as an acquisition channel. To understand this, you have to understand Google’s strategy. Google’s search engine is driven by optimizations that help its users. Ben Thompson does a good job explaining how this Womens Cristallo Belt MGM viSSuZ
. If you, like Google, have been analyzing its users for the last few years, you may have learned a few things. The first is that the majority of them are on mobile, where their time is more limited, their connections are (still) slower, and there is the threat of an app replacing frequent queries.

What Google is seeing is that their users no longer want to click ten blue links. They don’t have the time or the bandwidth, and there are now a plethora of competitors in the form of apps for many of those queries. The form factor is dictating the optimal user experience, and forcing Google to evolve. Users want an answer, and they want it immediately. So, that is what Google is doing. If you type a question into Google with a clear answer, there’s a good chance Google will just answer the question instead of recommending a site for it. We’ve all seen that. What’s more interesting is what Google is doing when there isn’t an answer, and the solution is to provide options, or what they would likely call a discovery experience. Recipes is a great example. Where you used to be treated to a bunch of “21 best recipes for X” pages, you now just see the recipes as results.

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